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How we together will save the world

Big words? Nah, I believe in us humans:) And this is no new thoughts at all, I just think we need a simplified reminder of this now: If we all strive to walk in the same direction, we will come a lot further than our imagination admits us. And especially in the topic of consumption, ethical working-conditions, and saving endly resources of the world, this becomes extra clear: It is we as separate individuals who have the power to create our present and future the way we like it.

To save the world we just need to think about those two things:

  • Decrease consumption; think of what you are contributing to. Is the things you buy really that ethical and environment-friendly produced? Or is the “good and green”-cerificate made to hide the fact that this product is made far away from you just cause the company earns more money to have it like that? And do you, really, need this thing, or is it a part of you that is trying to compensate the lack of closeness, love and relations? Take responsibility over yourself and your consumption. Not with hardness and rules, but with dynamic lovefulness and trust for your gut-feeling will guide you best.
  • Increase the interaction between people; move your focus towards the non-profitable area, this what means everything for our wellbeing: Human contact. Smile towards fellow strangers, get closer to thoose you already know! Maybe create safe spaces where you change the norms of our society against a lot more open ones, and see what will happen.

So, let us start the worlds best journey together, each and everyone responsible for themselfes, but deeply commited to help and support each other: It will be great! ;D



Our environmental policy for creating a sustainable society.

Our environmental policy is run by doing whatever small things we can,  to create a sustainable society.

Hand Forging our jewellery takes longer time. We strive to thoughtfully make unique pieces of jewellery to a larger cost and a lot longer lifespan. Ment to carrie a great story and be inherited, modified and repared whenever it is needed, to fully fulfill the costumers cause of buying one expensive jewellery instead of 50 massproduced jewelry.

100% of the precious metals we use in Ädelsmedjan is a part of a closed recycling loope together with our material supplier NSG AB, or directly metled down and renewed in our workshop.

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