The Companion

Allready back at art collage I was making a giant seahorse. At goldsmith school it became my sign I marked all my tools with. I made a tatoo of two dragons on my arm to acompany me, support me and watch over me like my very own guardian angels. And one day in my workshop when I was forging a piece of silver with no thought to it, it came back to me in form of this lean little dragon-shape.

Forged by hand from one single piece of precious metal, every Companion will be made alike but unique. With eyes of 18k red gold or white gold with diamonds set, it endlessly watches over your surroundings.
The Companion is used as a ring, earings, pendent or as a chain lock for both women and men. It can be engraved at the sides to become a carrier of your ideas. Or, have it as a wedding ring and let your unique little companions guard your love.


To follow the instinct when this little dragon joined the metal I was working with. Create a functional and gender free jewellery collection, with space for engraving and stone setting. Tell the story of this companion and what it likes to do for you.


  • Hand Forging
  • Solering
  • Deep cut Hand Engraving
  • Colorite-laying
  • Stone Setting
  • Jewellery Design
  • Trusting instincts in the creative process
  • Editing thoughts into words