The East Sweden Forging Lock: Östgötalåset

Holds the colours from the lakes, the sea and the ripe cornfields.

”Blue for the sea and the many beautiful lakes. Yellow for the flowering rapeseed fields. Silver for the important waterways Göta and Kinda Kanal, that connects the two. This made the wealth, wisdom and power flourish in the Eastern Gothia region and tribes were forged together over regional borders, creating the kingdom of Sweden. Like the lock holds the chain”

Selected to be Eastern Gothian Art Handicraft of the year 2006, by Östsam and Visit Östergötland.
Idea, design and craft by Veronica Gullbrandson
Every lock is hand forged by goldsmith Veronica Gullbrandson in Ädelsmedjan in Kisa, East Gothia, Sweden, and are made alike but unique.
Will come to you in a neat give-away box with this story inside.

To gather, sum up and tell the story of East Sweden through a piece of wearable, everyday jewellery.


  • Hand Forging
  • Jewellery design
  • Locking mechanism development
  • Enamelling
  • Editing

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Part of  Ädelsmedjans Vision:

To create ethical

working conditions

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