Ädelsmedjan have a vision/mission to:

~Preserve and develope the art of goldsmithing:

We constantly evolve our own goldsmith’s works, as well as joining forces with the National Swedish Master Jewellers Assosiation in their work of getting more of us goldsmiths worldwide to do our own unique exquisite jewellery, and of continuing the high standards of goldsmith education in sweden.

~Cocreate a sustainable society:

We strive to thoughtfully make unique pieces of jewellery to dubble cost and up to a hundred times the lifespan to ordinary jewellery. Ment to carrie a great story and be inherited, modified and repared whenever it is needed, to fully fulfill the costumers cause of buying one expensive jewellery instead of 50 massproduced jewelry.

~Decrease pollution:

100% of the precious metals we use in Ädelsmedjan is a part of a closed recycling loope together with our material supplier NSG AB, or directly metled down and renewed in our workshop. With no pollution at all.

~Create ethical working conditions:

When you get paid to do something you are inevitably a little less present and happy. And when you are in flow manifesting your idea you are beyond happiness and the things you create is shimmering of the energy.

We let our designer make all her hand forged jewellery herself. We do not use money to make people do something they wouldn’t like to do. And we do not use underpaid, underaged factory workers in 3:d countries.

~Give knowledge and possibility for people to purshase and wear lovingly made jewellery:

That is why we tell you here on the site about this. And that is one of the causes we join forces with National Swedish Master Jewellers Association, and offer our hand forged jewellery in our clean conscience-shop here on the net.