The East Sweden Noble Beetle

Selected to be East Sweden Art Handicraft of 2006, by Östsam and Visit Östergötland

Inspired by the Leather Beetle, lat. Osmoderma eremita. An important icon for the preservation of beautiful oak meadows.

Precious wire forged and soldered in a circle before the final shaping: everything is connected and there is no end nor beginning.

Forged by hand by goldsmith Veronica Gullbrandson, she takes pride in making them all alike but unique, just like us humans and everything else in nature.

Carry it on your jumper, as a pendant or let it lay visible as a little sculpture, to let it silently remind you and others that it is our small everyday choices that can save the biodiversity of our world.

Arrives at yours in a neat give-away box with this story inside.


To make a wearable jewellery that would help us all work towards a more sustainable world.


  • Hand Forging
  • Soldering
  • Jewellery Design
  • Editing the creative process

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Part of  Ädelsmedjans Vision:

Give knowledge and possibility

for people to purshase and

wear lovingly made jewellery

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