The Monthly Flowers

Organically shaped flower pendents. Hand forged from one single wire to stronger the feeling that everything is connected. The flower symbolize force of life and beauty, but also transience. Those flowers like to softly remind you to be present, but will not perish.

Veronica tells the story of The Monthly Flowers:

“A new flower species came to life every month in Ädelsmedjan during 2011. I wrote down what inspired me with the shape of every flower. The process made me alive in the present and humbly aware of the small changes in the seasons and everyday life. I wish the wearer something similar, so I send the story with the package for gentle inspiration.

Every Monthly Flower is forged by my hand here in Ädelsmedjan. As Fair Trade as it gets, locally produced, personal and environmentally friendly. It is the perfect memorial gift when you want to give consciously, be it birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation or why not as a morning gift? I make them either as a pendent or an earring, in silver or 18k gold. Select the flower from the month of a dear memory, or just the one you find the most beautiful. Or, collect them all and carry them every month throughout the year!

If you like to hear the full deeper, perhaps darker version of the story too:

It was a lot of hard things going on that year. Me and my former husband went through a divorce. Finasiall problems. Finding solutions to be there both of us for our four kids. The anxiaty for ripping the family apart, forcing our kids to have split homes. And for me coping with the loss of not having them around full time anymore. In some part I processed this by silently nominating the year 2011 to “The Year of Living”. And to add more beauty to my creative process I committed to create a new spieces of a flower each month. With a limited amount of one single silver thread. The days before the month entering, I switched focus to the nature surrounding me. Tried to be humbly aware of what stood out in the here and now. Then I went down in Ädelsmedjan to let the flower fill its shape. I wrote my thoughts down, to let the story of the shape follow the flower.

Slowly this made me aware of the beauty in the smallest things, and the happiness that always waited for me in the here and now.

In the midst of this flower-making, I stumble upon a poem  written in the year 1871 by Bishop that cast light and in its simplicity beautifully summed up all this:

“A flower is the joy
Today she blossoms
Tomorrow she fades away
Right now, when you can
Have a moment of joy
And later think of what future will give”
Freely translated poem from Bishop M.Fransén (1772-1847)


To develope a hand forged series of jewellery that was able to strengthen the thought of beeing present.


  • Hand Forging
  • Jewellery design
  • To follow and trust the creative process
  • Editing