The Bug

In the Year 2011 I got invited to an international art exhibition i Eno, Finland, together with two other well known artists from our county, Inger Södergren and Christina Wassberg. I wanted to make something that interacted with the audience, explored the creative process and stretched my borders of what jewellery can become.

I desided to use 100 times 17 cm of silverthread, made 100 small insects, all different but all holding a green glas pearl, as a symbol for environment. I built 100 small dark wooden frames that each of thoose could hang inside of behind glass, with a round hole at the top where you were able to pull them out and release them from their prison.

I put the hundred frames on three wall sections, and wrote this text to sit next to them:

Our Task

To make an interactive art installation on the theme Consumsion. And to explore and edit the creative borders and the creative process, and making this visible to the public.

Skills involved


  • Hand Forging
  • Jewellery design
  • Artistic thinking outside borders
  • Editing
  • exhibiting knowledge
  • wood and glasworking for the exhibiting-cases

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